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MyCanvas is made possible with the help of the
Metro Nashville Arts Commission and the William N. Rollins Fund for the Arts of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

We need your help!

1. Volunteers - we need volunteers for our next workshop March 21-24. 

2. Instruments - we need gently used guitars, keyboards and drums to continue our music instruction.

3. Instructors - we need musicians who would be willing to give one hour a week to teach our aspiring musicians. 

4. Art Supplies - we need paint and canvases of all sizes, markers, clay, paper, color pencils, beads, glue sticks, tape, etc.

                    “It makes me feel beautiful.”  MyCanvas participant


                                                Mobile Youth Community Arts:

                                   Nurturing Voices and Artistic Self-Expression

The mission of MyCanvas is to offer basic art skills to at-risk youth in efforts to support identity development, healthy coping skills, and community resiliency through artistic creation and expression.


                  “Makes me feel in control and confident.” MyCanvas participant

MyCanvas offers a series of music and art workshops to youth in underserved and at-risk communities in North and South Nashville, in their own neighborhood. This is an effort to serve youth who often have limited access or exposure to arts programming.

                                  “Makes me feel happy.”
MyCanvas Participant



                      "It's so fun and makes people shine.”  MyCanvas Participant

                                        “It feels good.” MyCanvas Participant


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