Building Healthy Families

Building Healthy Families Program

The Building Healthy Families Program explores what it means to nurture healthy relationships within the family, as well as within the community. We are building a parent support network in and around the neighborhood surrounding St. Paul's Lutheran Church and Food Bank on Rosa Parks Blvd in the Cheatham Place neighborhood of Nashville.

We also supply household goods to refugee families new to the country through our Welcoming Communities program.



LST Healthy Gardens 

Lutheran Services in Tennessee’s Healthy Garden Program supplies individuals and  families all the tools and education necessary to grow their own fresh, nutritious produce right outside their door. The gardens teach responsibility, promote self-sufficiency and empowers families living in subsidized housing to take control over their own food source. LST will sponsor 80 family gardens in three Middle Tennessee counties in 2016. Partners include the Murfreesboro Housing Authority, MDHA, City of Murfreesboro's Public Service Grant, the Dandridge Foundation and St. Thomas Health. Call LST to find out how you can start Healthy Gardens in your community.

Lutheran Services in Tennessee
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