Lutheran Disaster Response

Our goal is to collaboratively and actively engage church members as volunteers both in disaster preparedness and for response at the time of a disaster in Tennessee.

Lutheran Services in Tennessee is linked in efforts for disaster with the Disaster Preparedness and Response Team for the Southeastern Synod ELCA. This planning is being carried out by disaster response professionals within our Synod. Through a collaborative effort within the Synod, its conferences and congregations and Social Ministry Organizations and our ecumenical and interfaith partners, we are prepared to respond when disaster strikes within our synod - bringing the hands and heart of Christ to a hurting community. Congregations are encouraged to prepare for the impact of a disaster and actively participate with community groups in both preparedness and response.

For more Information on
Lutheran Disaster Response for Tennessee
please click the following links:

 Southeastern Synod Disaster Response

Disaster Response 

When disaster strikes in your community,
the local Lutherans are the
first form of Lutheran Disaster Response.

Every time Lutherans act in service
to their neighbors in need following a disaster,
they are being Lutheran Disaster Response.


LDR-TN provides volunteer opportunities to
assist in the flood recovery and tornado responses throughout TN and NW GA

Please contact
for current details.

During times of disaster recovery, work groups will be connected to
construction supervisors from local
Long Term Recovery and Response Groups

Check out:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet

 You can download the following Volunteer forms below including our Packet which will give you more information:

(All these forms are in Microsoft Word Documents)

 Thanks to everyone who assisted in our
Tennessee disaster recovery efforts.


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